Analytic Assessment

Unleash the full potential of your data!

Discover opportunities for advances in analytics, centralize all your actions and transform your company into a growth machine with data.

What is an

Analytic Assessment?

Management Analytic Assessments – Microsoft provide companies with in-depth knowledge of the opportunities available in their environments to improve productivity, technology, optimize investments and make the most of Business Intelligence solutions to lay a scalable foundation aligned with the business growth. This diagnosis uses modern tools and trained and certified personnel that collects the information and the status of the client’s data, achieving with experience providing an architecture or analytical transformation solutions of the highest world standards.

What benefits does

this solution have for your company?

Learn about opportunities for advances and global trends in analytics.

Obtain a diagnosis of the company’s analytical capabilities and opportunities for improvement.

Acquire a mapping of monitoring deficiencies, data quality, processes, technology, talent, data governance, among other processes.

Identify gaps on three fronts: Analytical Capabilities, Decision Making, Process Hyperautomation.

Acquire a strategy based on an objective technology architecture model to close the gaps.


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Analytic Assessment

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Our Analytic Assessment was adapted to be worked remotely.

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You can involve the different parts of your team that require training and presence.

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We work from different countries, languages ​​and cultures. We accommodate the schedules!

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